Elaine Ann Bluhm Herold (1925 — 2015)

Elaine Ann Bluhm Herold
1925 — 2015
by James Brown

Archaeology in the Midwest and the State of Illinois has recently lost one of its strongest advocates and an important contributor to fieldwork in Illinois. Elaine Bluhm — the daughter of Harold J. and Lucille Kelley Bluhm — was born Nov. 12, 1925, in Muskegon, MI. and passed away on Oct. 5, 2015 in Tucson, Arizona. Her archaeological career spanned 55 years and included research, education, historic preservation, and excavations throughout the eastern woodlands. Her early efforts in Illinois archaeology influenced a generation of young professional and avocational archaeologists on the importance of preserving and learning the past through archaeology.

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