2015 Distinguished Career Award: Lynne Goldstein

Lynne Goldstein
2015 Distinguished Career Award Recipient Lynne Goldstein with MAC Board President Robert Jeske

Lynne Goldstein has made outstanding contributions to Midwest archaeology, including original and important research, the production of talented students, and service in professional organizations, including this one.

Many MAC members know of Lynne’s research in Southeastern Wisconsin, particularly at the Aztalan site, and her dissertation work at the Schild and Moss sites in Illinois. Lynne brings the archaeology of the Midwest to the world by publishing at national and international outlets.

She is also a champion of public archaeology, and her efforts at educating policy-makers on the benefits of archaeology have produced notable results.

Lynne Goldstein’s regional research program in Southeastern Wisconsin, built while at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, forms an important base of knowledge that continues to inform ongoing research. Much of the success of our archaeological programs at UWM since 1998 are due to the foundation that Lynne left. She has continued her of research, professional service, and mentoring of students at Michigan State University.