Indiana Archaeology Call For Papers

The Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology (DHPA) is currently accepting article submissions for a future volume of the journal Indiana Archaeology. For those who are interested in submitting an article for consideration, please submit your draft to the DHPA no later than December 31, 2017. Prior to submission of an article or feature/report for consideration, authors should contact the Editor and receive the current submission guidelines. 

The target audience of the journal includes: the general public, professional archaeologists, avocational archaeologists, and anyone else interested in the history and prehistory of Indiana. This journal continues a tradition of scholarly research, and important contributions, in the science of archaeology. The topics are primarily specific to Indiana, but they also have importance in the broader context of Midwestern archaeology. 

This is a refereed, open access journal ( All articles and reports/features are reviewed by the Editor [Indiana State Archaeologist Amy Johnson], Guest Editor [Dr. James R. Jones III], and two professional archaeologists not with the DHPA.

The journal includes articles written for a broader audience, while still maintaining a high scholarly constitution. Although the title of the journal is Indiana Archaeology, the Editor also welcomes articles on archaeological topics related to surrounding states. The journal is one that can incorporate information on a regional level, and the public and professionals both can benefit by having access to these types of articles on archaeology in our neighboring states. Articles regarding general topics in archaeology, current research topics/questions, theory, and technology are also entertained.

Also included are occasional “reports” or “features” on various archaeological topics pertinent to specific regions, counties, or city/towns of Indiana—to disseminate further archaeological information of local, topical, and community interest. If qualified professional archaeologists, professionals in fields related to archaeology, avocational archaeologists, and knowledgeable individuals with expertise in relevant topics wish to tender a credible submission, please contact the Editor for consideration prior to submission. If individuals or groups have particular topics or ideas they wish to offer, the Editor and Guest Editor welcome suggestions. We hope that professional archaeologists, other professionals in fields related to archaeology, and other knowledgeable individuals will submit articles and or reports/features for consideration.

For questions regarding Indiana Archaeology, submissions of articles, or article specifications, do not hesitate to contact Amy Johnson, Editor, at